An RCMP officer surveys the scene behind Bastion Elementary School in Salmon Arm following the murder of Tyler Myers in November 2008. (File photo)

An RCMP officer surveys the scene behind Bastion Elementary School in Salmon Arm following the murder of Tyler Myers in November 2008. (File photo)

Parole release changed in Salmon Arm schoolyard murder due to threats

Woman sentenced in 2008 murder prohibited from going to Vancouver Island, location of release moved

A ‘special condition’ has been added to the day parole granted to a Salmon Arm woman sentenced in a 2008 love-triangle murder.

On Oct. 22, 2021, the Parole Board of Canada ruled that Monica Jolantha Sikorski, now 30, be granted six months of day parole. On Dec. 9, an addition was made to the conditions of her parole. Her release plans were also changed.

Sikorski was sentenced in December 2016 to life in prison for second-degree murder. Parole eligibility was set at seven years.

Sikorski’s boyfriend, Tyler Myers, 22, was found dead on Nov. 21, 2008 in the schoolyard of Bastion Elementary in Salmon Arm. Court records outlined how Sikorski, then 17, lured the victim to the schoolyard, while a 16-year-old boy she was also romantically involved with was concealed in nearby trees with a rifle.

The victim was shot by the 16-year-old three times, the third with the encouragement of Sikorski.

Sikorski did not confess her involvement in the murder until 2012, following an undercover operation by police.

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Five conditions were imposed on her day parole which included reporting any relationships; having no contact with anyone believed to be involved in criminal activity or substance abuse; not possessing more than one mobile device without a parole officer’s permission and allowing monitoring of the device; following a treatment program arranged by a parole supervisor regarding emotional orientation and relationships; and having no contact with the victim’s family.

On Dec. 9, a geographical restriction was added, prohibiting Sikorski from going to Vancouver Island unless given prior written approval by a parole supervisor.

As well, the parole board document noted that Sikorski’s case management team adjusted her release plan to a new location because of social media comments that raised concerns about her personal safety. The plan is for a minimum release of three months, which will allow the community to monitor media and social media for continued concerns.

The board also received a new victim impact statement from the family stating that day parole sends a message to the family that the deceased victim’s life did not matter but Sikorski’s future matters. The restriction from living or visiting Vancouver Island was requested due to concerns about possible family contact from her and further trauma for the family.

A November 2021 report from a behavioural counsellor Sikorski worked with said Sikorski has worked hard and gained skills that address contributing risk factors.

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