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Proposed pump track in Sicamous park could be in place by fall

Project fits expected budget, designed to be competition size
The proposed pump track at Finlayson Park in Sicamous will have a 25-second competition-level track and a smaller kids’ track. (District of Sicamous)

Sicamous is pumped for a new recreation feature at Finlayson Park.

In February, the district asked for the public’s input about a pump track potentially being installed in the park. A pump track is a circuit consisting of straight stretches, hills and banked corners that bicycle riders can use their body momentum to complete, rather than pedalling to continue movement.

The district’s survey resulted in a 77.3 per cent majority voting yes to the track, while 22.7 per cent voted no.

District operations manager Darrell Symbaluk said he’d been on a site visit with the pump track’s designer who said a location closer to Eagle Pass Way and the playground, rather than out by the fourth baseball diamond, was feasible. Symbaluk said he had previously thought the area didn’t have enough space and had too many trees, but the designer said having it underneath tree cover would be fine.

The size of track dictates whether or not it qualifies as a certified competition track, said Symbaluk, and the space is big enough to build a competition-level track. The district could potentially host events at the track, he added.

Surveying for the preliminary design confirmed a track that takes 25 seconds to complete can be built, as well as a small kids’ track beside it.

The estimated budget is $397,254.32, which is around what was expected, said Symbaluk. He noted landscaping could likely be done in-house and other budget-friendly options can still be discussed.

Next steps include getting council approval at the next meeting in August, and if that is granted, Symbaluk said construction could begin this fall.

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