Report confirms Anglemont woman killed by stepson

Tracy Lynn Nicol, 45, was attacked with a machete in a murder-suicide in 2013.

The B.C. Coroners Service completed their report on the 2013 death of Tracy Lynn Nicol.

The B.C. Coroners Service completed their report on the 2013 death of Tracy Lynn Nicol.

Three years after a murder-suicide took place at an Anglemont residence, a report from the BC Coroner’s service has established the identity of the victim.

Tracy Lynn Nichol, 45, of Anglemont was found dead April 30, 2013 in a home on Greenwich Close Road, along with the body of her 15-year-old stepson.

The report indicates Nichol was the victim of a machete attack by the teen. She died of multiple wounds.

Early on in their investigation, RCMP indicated the situation was a murder-suicide, but did not indicate which person was the murder victim.

The coroner’s report does not, however, determine a motive for the killing.

“The investigation did not reveal any reason for the homicide,” reads coroner Margaret Janzen’s reports on the two deaths. “There was no known conflict with his stepmother and there had been no known previous violence between them. He had known her for most of his life and had stayed with his father and stepmother numerous times.”

Janzen’s report also notes the teen had no known mental health diagnosis, was not taking any medication and had not threatened violence to his stepmother or given any indication of a desire to commit suicide.

No report involving the teen had ever been made with the Ministry of Children and Family Development in B.C. or its equivalent agency in Alberta.

Janzen’s report states Nichol, the boy’s father and the teen had, “spent the morning together uneventfully.”

The father left to run errands at approximately 11 a.m. and when he returned at 4:30 p.m. he found his wife in the laundry room dead of multiple stab wounds. He then discovered his son dead in the master bedroom. The teen  had shot himself in the head with a semi-automatic handgun which belonged to his stepmother. The gun was kept loaded in a night table in the bedroom.

The report also indicated the teen was usually non-violent, but had been involved with illicit drugs while living in Calgary and had been in a fight where his finger was broken. Family members also reported to the coroner the teen was “trying to get away from that lifestyle and that his move to B.C. was at least partially to assist with that.”

A toxicology report on the teen revealed a low level of alcohol in his system.

The coroner’s report makes no recommendations regarding the deaths.