Salmon Arm resident wants designated dog park

A suggestion that the city could use a formally-designated dog park was duly noted by city council.

Salmon Arm Coun. Kevin Flynn

Salmon Arm Coun. Kevin Flynn

A suggestion that Salmon Arm could use a formally-designated dog park was duly noted by city council.

The suggestion was submitted to council by resident Mike Wasylenki, who says he’s aware of the informal dog park at the fall fairgrounds across from the skatepark. But, he continues, it would be nice if Salmon Arm had a dedicated, fenced dog park for residents to use.

“Most centres of Salmon Arm’s size have a dog park,” says Wasylenki. “I’m certain most dog owners would be more than willing to pay a fee if necessary for use of such a park (yearly membership fee).

In response, city engineering and public works director Rob Niewenhuizen said the city has its sites on a number of options, including a fenced dog area at Klahani Park (as identified in the park’s master plan). There’s also discussion about Badger Park in Hillcrest, and an additional new park in the Raven area.

“There’s also talk about having off leash parks at Coyote and Little Mountain,” said Niewenhuizen.

As for something downtown, Niewenhuizen said, “I think the closest we would get to is Blackburn (Park), but that’s probably anywhere from two to five years away depending on how the remainder of the park is built.”

Coun. Tim Lavery said it was good to receive Wasylenki’s letter, and that it would be put on file, and “hopefully we keep it in mind as we move with structuring our parks.”

Coun. Kevin Flynn, said there might be an opportunity to do something on the fairgrounds that might be mutually beneficial for dog users, Roots and Blues and the Fall fair.


“I’m just thinking there’s a way to work together, perhaps to a multi-purpose fenced in area that could be more than just a dog park, or could be a dog park that’s only closed for three or four days a year,” commented Flynn, noting the fenced in area might also be utilized as an event’s beer garden.