Samara's Santa picture.

Samara's Santa picture.

Santa letters 2014

The following is a collection of this year's wish lists from local children

  • Dec. 24, 2014 11:00 a.m.

Hello Santa,

It’s me Devyn. I think you remember me.

I like animels and playing with my sister Paige. My brother is annoying, but I bet you know that.

Please give all the reindeers a carrote for me.

I would like a ipod, and a bunkbed, and some animal stuff,  national geographic kids or Owl subsripshen would be nise too

love Devyn



Hello Santa,

My name is Brendan. I have blue eyes. I know you can see this right now, but I’m writing it anyway.

I like hockey and I really like to eat candies.

What colour eyes do you have?

For Christmas I would like lego Chima. I also like a remote control Planes Fire Rescue toy.

I want a 3DS with Mario Kart 7 on my DS, so I can play with my friend Jeffrey. Because then we could connect.

And a hot chocolate gift card from Tim Hortons.

What are your elfs names?

To Santa, From Brendan



Hi Santa,

My name is Paige and I am in grade one. I am six years old. My favourite animal is pigs and my favourite colour is blue.

Do you have brown eyes? I have brown eyes. I like animals. I would like a snow globe and beansie boos for Christmas. And dolphin stuff.

I think I’m done.

I wish Rooney the elf could stay here after Christmas for the whole winter.

Love Paige.



Dear Santa, how is Roudulph and how are you and Mrs. Claus. hopefully you have a wonderful Christmas,

I would love to have a american doll and a iPad mini.

ps can you tell me all of the rainddeer names

Sincerely, Hailey Watson.



Dear Santa

how is Dancer and you I hope you two are going to  have a nice christmas. Is your elves working good this year Because I whant a lot of presents this christmas.

Thing I what this christmas

1. Scooter weels

2. ipod Nano

3. Blue Digital Watch

4. Hockey Jersey Pittsburch

5. Water Botle Like Hailey

From Skyler



Dear Santa and mrs claus

What is Prancer doing?

How many elves do you have?

Santa what are your favourite kind of cookies that me and my brother and sister can leave you some cookies. I would like.

1, a new house

2. Rollercopter Air Hog

3. big creeper plush – Minecraft

4. zomer saurus

5. Sharkmania

6. Assains creed unity for X Box 360

7. Call Duty ghots

8. Nhl 15 for x box 360

9. walllop

Sincerely Blaeytten



Dear Santa,

I would like a mario Kart 8 game and an air hockey table and a pumpkin pillowcase please. My name is Jeffrey.

I like you, santa I would like some lego



Dear Santa,

Hello, how are you? I would like a light up lite saber for Christmas. We have moved this year, I hope you have our new address. I was wondering if you fly in a regular sled or a jet sled?

From Leith



Dear Santa,

My name is Parker. I am 3 years old. I would like yellow toys for Christmas. How are your reindeer?

From Parker

Merry Christmas!



Dear Santa

My name is Robbie. I would like a train with people cars. I would like one with the blinking lights because that’s my favourite. Everyone in my family is good.

From Robbie



Hello Santa,

My name is Hudson. I would like yellow toys. Orange is my favourite colour. Merry Christmas

From Hudson



Dear Santa,

My name is Bill. I would really like a big dinosaur for Christmas. I like dinosaurs.

From Bill



Hello Santa,

My name is Kayden. I would like a dino-saur for my dad, my mom and me. I need a new soccer ball for outside in the garage.

Love Kayden



Dear Santa,

By name is Braxton! I would really like for Christmas an angry bird puzzle. My favourite angry bird is Stella. I love colours and a Stella puzzle too. I want a power ranger phone too. Merry Christmas to my mom.

From Braxton



Hello Santa,

My name is Jenn. I want a doll. How are your reindeer? Nanny needs

a little more markers.

From Jenn



Dear Santa.

My name is Daxs. I would a sled with wheels and skis too. I want a Thomas Toy too.

From Daxs



Dear Santa

My name is Nevaeh. I would like Santa to bring me purple. I like to play with my sister.

From Nevaeh



Dear Santa

My name is Armaam. I want a toy car and my Dad can play with it. I also want a Power Rangers Morffer and I want some red shoes.

From Armaam



Dear Santa

Do you have a snowmen’s head?? I want Santa to bring me presents. I want a Monster Truck. A lighting MacQuinn Monster Truck.

From Ashton



Hello Santa

My name is Nash. I would like some toys. I would like a Lightin MacQuin Flashlight. I want a Lighting MacQuinn bed too.

From Nash



Dear Santa

My name is Tahauni. I want presents. I want purple, pink and yellow presents. I want orange presents too. I want candy canes too.

From Tahauni



Hello Santa

My name is Taryn. What is Santa’s pet? Must be Reindeer. I would like a toy pony I could ride. My dad put up Christmas lights outside. They are blue, green, orange, yellow and red.

love from your friend Taryn



Dear Santa

My name is Grayson. I want to tell Santa to bring me a Vombie gun. I want a swimming pool at my house. I want more legos so I can build a lego plane and lego Monsters. From Grayson



Dear Santa

My name is Brooklyn. I want a bow arrow. I am going to shoot animals. I also want a Monster toy.

From Brooklyn



Dear Santa,

I will leave my door unlocked. I sleep with my mom and dad. My stockings will be in the living room but not in the toys. You cant bring reindeers in my house.

I would like a new dolly. My twins would like some stuff. I would like some stuff too! My brothers likes cool boy stuff.

Love Callam



Dear Santa

My name is Kyle George Hills. I am 3 and a half years old. I would like a monster truck and some cars. I know you sometimes like hot chocolate and your reindeer like carrots so I will leave you some. I have a magic key for you because we dont have a chimney.

Love, Kyle



Dear Santa,

My name is Levi. I would like some presents. I am 4 yrs. old. I will leave you some soup and crackers. I will leave your reindeer some apples. I know they will be really hungry. See you soon Santa

Love, Levi



Dear Santa

My name is Andreas. I am 3 years old. I would like a race car for Christmas. Can you bring daddy a big monster truck.

I will leave presents for your reindeers. I can put up all my candy canes. I cant wait for my presents. I have lots of friends and motorcycles.

Bye Santa see you soon!

Love Andreas

Dear Santa,

My name is Taryn. I will be good. My dads name is uncle Chris. My mom is named Auntie Chelsie. My sister is Alix.

For Christmas I would like some cake and treasures. I will leave the reindeer some watermelon. I always like strawberry yogurt too!

Love Taryn



Dear Santa,

My name is Rykee. I would like a toy Santa. I would like a guinea pig like Pumpkin. I will make cookies for you and leave water for your reindeer. I love you santa and will wave at you. By Santa

Love Rykee (aka Ryker)




Hi Sana

I really like your reindeer. My name is Silas it starts with a snake. I would like santa to bring Platypus! They ahve two feet to hop. Our garage door is broken. It only goes up, so be careful! I love you Santa.





Dear Santa,

I would like a special Jewellery box that is all my own. I would also like a vacuum so I can help mommy. I have been a little bit of a good girl. I will leave you cookies, milk and carrots. I will leave apples for the horses too!

Love Maddison




to Santa

May I have a Christmas doll!! 2015! May have ordeez canialsoccar i have a so cool cite and c. a cu-id and frosor dolls. P.s. Teddies

Love Shayla




You are a nice person – a chocolate bracelet (for you).

Love Samara




To: Santa

for Christmas can you get me so cool please. I would like a Doc Mobile please and a BookmarK to PLease I would like a Orbees and Beados PLease.

Love Samara




Dear Santa,

My name is Serenity and I am 4 yrs old. I started school this year and I like to run around and play with my friends.

I love to paint and my dog Charlie. Im waiting for my little brother to be born next year. I will try to be really good until Christmas but sometimes its hard. Charlie loves to play too and says Hi, we will leave you treats on Christnas Eve 🙂 My mom put a picture of me in for you too, Merry Christmas Santa.

Love Serenity




Dear Santa,

I would like,

1. Choclate

2. Case fir nt u pad

3. Speacker

4. my ears Perst

5. Art cit

6. Candy corn

7. bom box

8. Stufeys

9. hand sanataser

10. Dork dire

Love Max Leslie

PS I was wandering if you could leave one of my little presits beside me. THANK YOU




Dear Santa

I would like long skiing socks, National geographic Boos, a Science Kit, a Blue house coat and a Happy Happy Christmas.

Love Katie, age 7




Dear Santa,

I would like,


Big eraser.


Smile (Book)

Sisters (Book)

enything from arDene

Ipod cases


Hire Brush

art suplis

hand sanataser

snow globe (pleas!)


clothing “I meen It”

Thank You 🙂

From Maia




Dear Santa.

I would like Skylanders Trap Team. I would also like the full collection of Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pops. And a remote control helicopter. HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS

From: Bretton




Dear Santa

I would like a Belle dress, it’s yellow and an Ahna dress that is green. I also like a Rapunzel dress which is purple. I love princesses. My mommy I think wants a new shiny ring.

I have a big Olaf outside my house in the front yard. I have a special Santa key for you, I will leave it on my doorstep I think you will see it. I will ask my Mom if that is a good spot.

Love Darienne, 4 yrs.




Dear Santa

I would like a Big Foot Monster Truck for Christmas, the one that is named Fast Tracks. It has tracks and no wheels.

I want some little Power Rangers to go with my Fast Tracks. I will be in Hawaii this year where the sea turtles live but you can leave my totys at my hous. My Mom says when she was little and went to Hawaii Santa brought the gifts on a surf board.

Love Milo, 4 yrs.




Dear Santa

For Christmas I would like all Elsa and Anna stuff please. My brother would like all lightening McQueen stuff. He will also like Mike the Knight please. I will leave you some milk and cookies.

Love Aurora, 4 yrs.




Hello Santa

I hope you are doing good. Can I have a new drum, a brown one. I also would like a spiderman truck that goes up and down. Bink my dog would like a new fish squeaky thing. On the table I will leave you milk and chocolate chip cookies.

Love Finn, 4 yrs.




Dear Santa

I would like Queen Elsa in the blue dress and Princess Ahna in the pink dress. I would also like the other frozen characters. Please bring a Christmas tree for my Grandma and a snowman stuffie for my Gandpa.

Melissa wants some stockings with goodies and Dylan wants some decorations for his room. Darcy wants a drum and Brndon wants some tools. I will see you at Christmas.

Love Sunni, 4 yrs.




lHi Santa

My mom wants some tools. Dad just got tools so he wants some more tools. I want Santa to bring me some cars blue, red and every color.

I love lots of treats.

I am going to get some fruit and stuff for Santa with my Mom and Dad.

Love Logan, 3 yrs.




Dear Santa

I would like a barbie for Christmas and a toy puppy that wags his tail and walks. I want to teach my puppy to roll around. I will leave you a kiss. I will put my stocking by my tree.

Love Layla, 4 yrs.




Dear Santa

I would like a Elsa blue dress for Christmas, I also want an Anna one which is green.

My little sister wants Olaf. She really likes Olaf. I have lights on my house. I want a kitten and baby puppy for real.

Love Tenley, 4 yrs.

Dear Santa

I would like a fast pink bike from Walmart a soft cuddly Teddy Bear and a pink game to play with my brother Connor, and water drops.

Love Kayleigh, 3 yrs.



Dear Santa

I would love an Elsa and Anna book and a pair of Elsa pajama’s. I want an Elsa and Anna dress please. Elsa and Anna are really pretty, I love them.

Love Izabelle, 3 yrs.

Dear Santa

Please can I have a suffie. A pink cat suffie would be nice, maybe can I have some puppy barretts for my hair too. Lilly my cat would like a ball and some socks. She really likes socks as she always takes them out of my mom’s laundry.

Sniper my other cat would like actually a blue cat stuffie with black spots to play with. I will leave you cookies and milk and tell Rudolph I will leave him a big carrot.

Love Claire, 5 yrs.



Dear Santa

I would like a

1. case of my i pad

2. Speacker for my i pad

I would like it if you could leave one of my little presents beside me.

thanck you !!

Love Max Leslie



Dear Santa

I would like an i pod for Christmas

I will leave lots Of cookies and lots of milk.

from Caleb



Dear Santa Claus

1) I would like a Ipad.

2) I would like a remote controle Helacopter.

3) I would like the collection of Spongebob mega blocks.

4) I would lik 1,000 lbs of CANDY!!


from: Bretton Lawless



Hi Santa.

I wish for the realistic number one baby doll.

And Shopkins. And I want some Frozen characters.

I Love you Santa.

I will Leave you cookies and milk and nine carrots.

Love Emerson