Seven people who responded to shooting at Salmon Arm church to receive bravery awards

Seven people who responded to shooting at Salmon Arm church to receive bravery awards

Medals to be awarded in West Kelowna ceremony as a result of actions in church on April 14.

Seven people from Salmon Arm will be recognized for bravery later this month.

Rudy Berghuys, national president of the Royal Canadian Humane Association, confirms that seven people who were in attendance at the Salmon Arm Church of Christ on April 14 of this year will be receiving either bronze or silver medals for bravery from the association.

He explains the seven people were among those present when a man with a gun entered the church during that Sunday service and shot a man, later coming back and wounding another.

The award is given to those who carry out an act of bravery, with the level of danger affecting the award given.

Berghuys says a total of 32 British Columbians will be receiving awards at the ceremony on Friday, Oct. 11, to be held in West Kelowna.

Just one investiture is done per province per year.

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While the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia generally presents the awards, she is not available so another dignitary will attend in her place.

Berghuys said the Royal Canadian Humane Association has been around since the 1700s, and is not affiliated with the humane organizations which deal with animals.

Doug Kendig, a minister at the Salmon Arm Church of Christ, said he’s aware some of the people in the church that day tackled the man with the gun and took his gun away, so that when police entered they didn’t have to come in after an armed man.


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