South Canoe School. (File photo)

South Canoe School. (File photo)

South Canoe Elementary made K-8 for one year

The motion was passed to keep students from making multiple transfers

Grade 7 students of the outdoor learning program will get to stay together for one more year.

The motion, making South Canoe Elementary a K-8 school starting in September 2020, was passed at a School District 83 board meeting on January 21. The motion was passed in accordance with an existing plan to increase the grades taught at the school by one grade each year starting in 2018.

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Carl Cooper, assistant superintendent of schools explained this was done to keep students in the oldest age group, Grade 6, from going to Shuswap Middle for one or two years before going to SAS Jackson.

Cooper said there are three students currently in Grade 7 at the school and that the district contacted their parents and asked what they would prefer. The unanimous response was the parents wanted their children to remain at South Canoe.

The motion will be in effect for one year as the upcoming Long Range Facilities Plan could make changes to how grades throughout the district are organized.

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