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Stage 2 water restrictions now in effect in Salmon Arm

Water use restricted to two day per week
Stage 2 water use restrictions went into effect in Salmon Arm on Monday, July 8, 2024. (City of Salmon Arm photo)

With high temperatures and low precipitation in the forecast, Stage 2 water-use restrictions are now in effect in Salmon Arm. 

The city announced the shift via social media on Monday, July 8. 

Water use is now limited to two designated days per week, based on address: addresses ending in 00 to 33, Tuesday and Friday; 34-66, Wednesday and Saturday; 67-99, Sunday and Thursday. Restrictions apply to all Salmon Arm properties (residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, farm, etc.) using city water. 

Preferred watering times are between midnight and 7 a.m. to reduce peak demand. To minimize evaporation, no irrigation is allowed between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Use of an open pipe or hose for irrigation or washing of vehicles, boats or property is prohibited. However, food producing and landscaping plants, trees and shrubs may be watered by sprinkler or soaker hose on designated days, and by drip irrigation or hand watering for up to two hours a day, Monday to Sunday.

Stage 3 restrictions limit water use to one day per week, while Stage 4 restrictions prohibit water use. 

Failure to comply with Stage 2 restrictions may result in a $100 fine, with fines increasing per stage level up to $500 at Stage 4. 

"We ask residents and businesses to minimize water use and conserve as much as possible," said the city. 

Last summer, Stage 2 of the new water restrictions went into effect on Wednesday, July 12. On August 18 the city moves to Stage 4 restrictions. This was in response to severe drought conditions and wildfire conditions, to help manage the demand on water supply and ensure sufficient water is available. 

For more information, visit, where a link to a detailed PDF on the restrictions can be found. 


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