Sunnybrae Hall to get energy upgrade

Columbia Shuswap Regional District directors unanimously approved $36,900 including applicable taxes from gas tax funds

Gas-powered upgrades are coming to Sunnybrae Hall.

Columbia Shuswap Regional District directors unanimously approved $36,900 including applicable taxes from gas tax funds for energy-efficient upgrades in heating, air conditioning and other efficiencies.

Renovations planned for the hall were approved to the tune of $30,635 last summer but were put on hold following complaints from former hall association members.

“Some members of the public alleged there was something amok there,” said CSRD financial manager Jodi Kooistra. “In working with them over the past nine months, they have done a lot of work, the proposal is fully documented and staff supports this.”

Kooistra explained that an independent energy evaluation of the hall has been completed and the association has received quotes for required energy-efficient upgrades.

Sunnybrae Community Association president Sharda Murray-Kieken appeared at the May 22 meeting of the CSRD board, where she explained the current heating system fails to deliver adequate heat and, as a result, the exterior perimeter of the building remains cold.

As well, Murray Kieken said the air-intake and duct work are poorly designed, inefficient and badly located for the size of the space, factors that cause the furnace to be disturbingly noisy and to run continuously.

“Based on the Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report carried out by ecoEnergy in March 2015 and our exhaustive discussions with three HVAC contractors, we now have a clear understanding of three possible mechanical approaches to reduce our energy consumption and increase the efficiency,” said Murray-Kieken. “Our intention is to reduce our carbon footprint and address the numerous shortcomings of the existing heating/ac systems.”

Area C South Shuswap director Paul Demenok was supportive of the second application for funds from his community works fund.

“You have done a terrific lot of work,” he said, addressing Murray-Kieken. “I think you made review of an application much easier, almost a model of how gas tax applications should be submitted.”

Renovations will include replacing the existing heating system and redesigning the ducting, replacing the air conditioning unit, upgrading insulation and air sealing and upgrading windows and doors.

The total project cost is anticipated to be $36,900 including applicable taxes. “These upgrades will make the hall more energy efficient for community functions and they qualify for gas tax funding,” said Kooistra in her report to the board. “The association will ensure application of Community Works Funds (CWF) will only be applied to eligible gas tax projects in accordance with the CWF Agreement.”