Bullying tactics win election

The Conservative backroom strategists outfoxed the underfunded Liberals by introducing an unacceptable budget.

Prime Minister Harper and his majority government are now free to set their own agenda and ignore the Opposition.

Many Canadians have had the misfortune of having to deal with a bully, sometimes at home, sometimes at school and sometimes at work. Bullying is all about power and involves repeated actions and behaviour to create or enforce power of one person or group over another person or group.

This unwanted election was forced on Canadians and only 40 per cent of the voters supported Conservative candidates.

However Harper’s bully boy government now has all the power. Although well-known for his petty politics, hopefully Harper will not ride roughshod over the democratically elected Opposition MPs who represent 60 per cent of the voters.

If Harper does abuse his power, the only realistic option for defeating the Conservatives will be the formation of a new single Opposition party.

At least with a two-party system, the party in power will represent the majority of the voters.

The biggest hurdle to the formation of a new party will be convincing all those longtime, card-carrying party members that sharing a loaf of bread with like-minded Canadians is better than begging for a few crumbs from the Conservatives.



Lloyd Atkins