Care at Shuswap Lake Hospital appreciated

Former patient applauds level of care she received for treatment of a broken ankle.

On Feb. 17 as I usually do, I booted up, with cleats, grabbed walking stick and dog harness and off we went.  Big mistake.  I fell breaking my ankle.  I managed to get to my own house and my daughter flew up and with grandson got me into a car and to hospital at 11.30 a.m.  I was informed it would take a little while as there had been seven ankles, six wrists and two serious fender benders at that point. More came in after me.

I take my hat off to our hospital. Despite the many serious injuries, they coped with quiet care, kindness and efficiency, and did as much as they could as speedily as possible.

I had surgery about 6.30 p.m. on Friday by a very kind, efficient orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Parfitt and had to stay in hospital for two nights.

The staff were pushed to the limit and they all deserve medals, and I know many of them put in a great deal of overtime.

Many times the hospital and doctors here get criticized when people don’t understand some of the procedures. I want to say a very public thank you to the doctors, staff, X-ray techs and nurses, who helped me cope at our hospital here. They really worked hard that day and I hope they don’t run into another day like it again.

Thank you so very much for your care.

Mrs. J. Halliwell