Courage and strength applauded

Regarding the Life and Times article by Barb Brouwer on Jan. 19:

Regarding the Life and Times article by Barb Brouwer on Jan. 19:

Hurrah for Diana Altschul! She was forced to walk, crawl and drag herself through a living hell and out the other side. Diana lived to tell the tale and what an incredible tale of courage and strength it is.

Most of us are fortunate enough to never face years of excruciating pain, drug addiction and the social prejudice directed against those who are struggling daily just to survive.

As a result of a horrible accident, Altschul was forced to travel a road far more difficult than the average person can even imagine. Now that she has made her way out of her personal hell, Diana is reaching back to help others who are stuck in similar hellish life experience. Pain and drug addiction are extremely strong chains to break; Altschul broke hers and is now using her heart and her strength to help others break their chains.

Diana’s empathy, compassion and courage to openly share her story and reach out to those who need her wisdom of experience deserves a standing ovation.

Diana is a shining guiding star in a very dark night. She proved that love, hope and a strong spirit can overcome great odds. What an awesome lady.

Kalene Bourque