Election unnecessary and expensive

In early May, Canadians will go to the polls for our fourth time in seven years for an expensive, unwanted and needless election.

A completely self-serving opposition is quite willing to squander three to four hundred million tax dollars on a reckless bid for power. Few believe these opportunists have the interests of Canadians at heart.

The economy, ethics and the elderly have been widely cited as key election issues.

While all of these are important I think the real issue is the stability of the country.

Few would argue that we are living in very uncertain times. The worldwide economic recovery is both slow and fragile and natural disasters such as the recent events in Japan add to the uncertainty.

Canada has survived a few coalitions in the past but the Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition attempt in 2008 was the first time two political parties were desperate and reckless enough to merge with a party whose stated purpose is to break up the country. Few believe they have abandoned their ambition.

Stephen Harper has successfully guided us through the current economic turbulence, increased our respect internationally and generally governed well with a minority government.

He deserves the chance to prove what he can do with a majority government and Canadians deserve the stability none of the opposition parties have any hope or possibility of delivering


Gerald Hall