Health effects of wireless concerning

Reader very concerned about the adverse health effects related to the “wireless phenomenon,”

I am very concerned about the adverse health effects related to the “wireless phenomenon,” which has been happening at an alarming rate over the last decade. The world has gone wireless crazy. Examples include wireless computers, cell phones and the latest trend of installing “smart” meters in our homes to measure use of water and electricity. If the general population does not sit up, pay attention and become informed, we are going to find ourselves in big trouble.

It seems to take a very long time for folks to become aware of the dangers of human behaviour and practices related to some individuals or corporations making a lot of money. Look how long it took us to realize that smoking and secondhand smoke was bad for us. It has taken us a very long time to realize that we can’t continue to pollute our air and water as we have in the past.

This latest wireless technology, which subjects us to electro-magnetic fields, is another form of pollution. It hasn’t been properly studied. Like smoking or living in a polluted environment, the adverse health effects are cumulative and not noticed right away.

What do I intend to do? Write letters, advise friends, neighbours and politicians to become informed by attending informational meetings and reading related articles. I am going to write to BC Hydro and tell them I do not want a “smart” meter installed on my house. I’m hoping my neighbours also refuse because, just like secondhand smoke, my health is at risk.

My letter is a plea for everyone to become informed and do what you can to keep our environment safe.

Karen Hoover