Letter: Appreciating Centennial Field questions from reader

Letter: Appreciating Centennial Field questions from reader

Alternative approval process underway for CSRD purchase of field for park

I am writing in response to Ken Smith’s letter which appeared in the Aug. 30 Viewpoint section of the Shuswap Market News.

As a previous resident on Blind Bay Road (Area C of the CSRD) and now residing in Area D of the CSRD, I applaud Ken’s letter which pointed out questions which are puzzling to many.

The CSRD always seem to be following a hidden agenda or some other form of skullduggery as they attempt to slide items past those most affected by their decisions. This recently happened in Area D as well regarding building inspections. The CSRD seem to forget we live in a “democracy” that provides people with the right to determine important matters through voting, referendums, etc.

It is my opinion an important matter such as the one regarding public parks being converted from land either being sold or donated needs to be examined and decided upon by the Taxpayers.

Time and time again the CSRD say they want to save the public money as they speak from behind closed doors in their ivory tower located on some of the area’s most prime real estate.

I applaud Ken Smith for speaking out and applaud the Barkers for wanting to donate land for the well being of those living in and visiting the Shuswap.

Barry Campbell

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