Greg Kyllo, BC Liberal MLA

Greg Kyllo, BC Liberal MLA

Letter: BC Liberals showing incompetence

I have just lisened to the first ad-hominem video rant that Greg Kyllo went on attacking first proportional representation then the very electoral process and, by deflection, our democracy.

He sounded like he should have been wearing a tinfoil hat and waving around a copy of conspiracy theories.

Then Rich Coleman started re-posting it, which to me points out how unfit the BC Liberals are for anything more demanding than running a newspaper stand.

Contrast that to Scott Anderson’s logical response to that speech. I was dismayed at the lack of BC Conservatives in the Shuswap last election. The Liberals have proven not only mismanagement with BC’s fiscal book ($70 billion of direct debt and $102 billion in deferred debt and contractual obligations) but in this video sound like the extremists they warn against in Proportional Representation (could it be that First-Past-The-Post is more likely to elect hardline extremists than PR is?).

Here is why there needs to be voices like Scott Anderson’s in the legislature.

His mature conduct is in stark contrast is in stark contrast to what we have now. Temper tantrums about losing an election is not what we need. No wonder the argument for reasonable conduct in the legislature is coming up now.

K. Blake Newton