Letter disregards new democratic idea

Mr. Youchezin should be hanging his head in shame.

Mr. Youchezin should be hanging his head in shame.

First, he attacks the thoughts of one caring citizen and alleges that it is the position of everyone who does not share his point of view.

Then, he alleges that Chase is not a bedroom community and proceeds to describe Chase as exactly that.

Somehow, he believes that citizens have failed to notice that trains pass through this community and that they pollute.  Following his reasoning, once someone has peed in the pool, the only reasonable course of action is to turn it into a sewer.

The reality here, in my personal opinion, is that we have a council which lacks the vision to capitalize on the strengths of our village.

It rebuffs opportunities to increase our tax base and create real economic growth in favour of knee-jerk reactions to the problems of the few.

Worse, they choose to create acrimony between citizens with misinformation and muzzling.

Mr. Youchezin fails to mention Marna McLaren’s very good idea, that we look to the award-winning, democratic approach that the Village of Qualicum Beach uses to conduct the business of their community.  The present model has failed us all.

I urge Mr. Youchezin to get his facts straight, his mind open and, please, invest in a Thesaurus.

Jocelyn (Joey) Nash