Letter: MLA can’t have it both ways

Letter: MLA can’t have it both ways

A Nov. 2 article in the Observer, shows Liberal MLA, Norm Letnick to be two-faced on electoral reform issues.

On one side he is calling for a higher thresholds than a 50 per cent plus one vote for the electoral reform referendum to pass. He insists that without a higher threshold the results will be skewed in favour of the larger numbers in the Lower Mainland and will skew elections in the NDP’s favour. Apparently an arbitrary higher standard is required to inhibit skewed results or results that Mr. Letnick dislikes.

On the other side Mr. Letnick adds that he believes the current first past the post electoral system, for all its flaws remains the best way to elect people and governments. However, the current system, often elects representatives with less than 35 per cent of the vote and frequently rewards false majority governments to a single minority party with under 40 per cent support. This doesn’t trouble Mr. Letnick…

Higher thresholds and skewed result concerns…Gone!… Why?

From the highly partisan rhetoric coming from a lot of the BC Liberal caucus lately it’s easy to figure it out… The current system is in fact already skewed but in a manner Mr. Letnick likes… generally in favour of the BC Liberals.

Terry W. Robertson