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Letter: Showing support for hunters in B.C.

I would like to comment to a letter in the Jan. 10 Observer newspaper in regards to the grizzly hunting ban by the NDP.

Any hunting is a controversial subject. I feel as strong about the hunting ban as Mr Jewell.

My family and kids have and will always be hunters.

To have a government body make decisions like this one is absolutely asinine. If all government policies are based on nothing but political motivation and gain than we as Canadians are in a very serious situation.

Any decisions made on only political motivation will be a huge loss weather you want boat on the Shuswap, sled in the mountain Shuswap , mountain bike on our trails. We must all pay very close attention to all knee jerk legislation, not just hunters have had this happen to our family values. Anyone that has anything to do with the outdoors is at a huge risk of losing it all.

I will always support any person that is a true outdoor enthusiast, especially hunters.

Rob McKenzie