Letter: What does compensation mean for the taxpayer?

Letter: What does compensation mean for the taxpayer?

As you have heard by now the Tswout Indian Band has laid claims to all of James Island, a 160-hectare, privately-owned, deeded island. Its assessed value is presently $52 million.

The band have stated the government had no business selling it off as Crown land as it was theirs in the first place. The federal and the provincial governments have responded to the claim by saying the Indians are entitled to the 160 hectares of land. It has a championship golf course, development, etc. and the title is free and clear owned by a family from Washington, USA.

The governments have stated those who presently hold title will be compensated for the loss of (what was once thought to be) their land. Guess who will be on the hook to pay for all this and we still dole out more funding for native bands at every turn?

I thought you might want to consider this and ask what is stopping natives from laying claim to any other titled land in B.C.?

In the case of title lands held by several generations of non-natives, what might happen in these cases?

I urge you to contact your MP and your MLA and express any concern you might have regarding this latest planned give-a-way.

The lawyers are rubbing their Scroogelike hands in anticipation and we sit on the sidelines with our mouths hanging wide open, once again …. Perhaps it is just me who is concerned?

Barry Campbell