Liberals serve B.C. better than other governments

Wow, when I read Lloyd Atkins letter… I was certain I was in a bad nightmare back in the 90’s.

Wow, when I read Lloyd Atkins letter, questioning trustworthiness and competence, describing fear mongering and mudslinging, past misdeeds and Premier Clark’s credibility and irreversible downward spiral, I was certain I was in a bad nightmare back in the 90’s. When I settled down and re-read the letter, I realised he may have a good point. It does look as if some of the NDP’s toxic waste ways of doing things, did manage to get through and embedded into some of the Liberals’ doings. I guess when you have so many years of that stuff shoved in your face, one can’t expect it to disappear entirely. If Mr. Atkins is right and B.C. is not going to re-elect a government full of scandal and backdoor deal making, the only option would be to elect the Conservatives. That being so, the only way to save B.C. from the lurking poison, hiding in the dark cracks, is for every Liberal cardholder to vote for the Conservatives. As far as pointing out the achievements of the existing government, other than some boo-boos along the way and a poor choice for the new leader, B.C. has a lot to thank the Liberals for. They have unquestionably served with better intent and honesty than the previous government could have ever conceived.

Bryon Every