Profit and greed trump the precautionary principle

There is no denying that anyone living in an urban environment in today’s society is immersed in ‘electrosmog’

There is no denying that anyone living in an urban environment in today’s society is immersed in ‘electrosmog’ which is invisible and cannot be smelled, felt, heard or tasted.

Recently at the Seniors Fifth Avenue Activity Centre in Salmon Arm, well over 100 folks gathered to hear two experts offer irrefutable, scientific proof that some cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, sleep disturbances, cognitive disorders, childhood learning and behavioural disorders, male impotency and many other negative health maladies have a direct link to the electromagnetic technology dominating civilizations today.

Drs. Malcolm Patterson PhD, a renowned cancer researcher, and Ross Anderson, DC/ND, an environmental consultant, each gave dynamic, illustrated presentations on the dangers, scientific risks and how to protect oneself and family members from the impact of radiation from all wireless devices, including cell phones and cell towers, smart meters, routers, antennae, dirty electricity, cordless phones, baby monitors and Wi-Fi in schools, hospitals, libraries and other public places.

As usual, it was a case of the ‘minister preaching to the choir,’ most faces familiar at other presentations and the remarkable absence of authority figures, political or medical personnel who might have gleaned some useful and important information to pass on to constituents and patients. It seems that profit and greed remain the critical factors and the health and welfare of humanity and its inherent rights are largely ignored. Society’s most vulnerable, the youth, the elderly, the sick and  the disadvantaged are overlooked.

The conclusion following the lengthy afternoon of demonstrations was that wireless technology is an enormous global experiment in progress, and mankind, having been given no knowledge of its method, is an innocent participant that has never been given an opportunity to offer its consent. No precautionary principle has ever been invoked by any authority in the process.

Edgar Murdoch