Stocking McGuire Lake cruel

In response to rainbow trout into McGuire Lake,  I feel is fiscal irresponsibility.  I thought it might have been a democratic process going to the meeting, but their minds were already made up.  What the government wants the government gets – power-hungry at the expense of our environment, putting profits on the back of our fish and wildlife.

Rainbow trout are going to have a voracious appetite and are going to clean up all food and fast, that is if they survive the warm temperatures.  How are the ducks, turtles and birds going to compete with that and why should they?  How can that little pond support such intrusion?  Is there no place on this earth that is sacred to nature?  Should we not be teaching our kids, the next generation, compassion for nature, do we not kill and abuse enough already?

I think it is disgusting that councilman Kevin Flynn flippantly states “it is not a concern if they do not survive the year” after all they are meant to be killed anyway – what a blatant disrespect for living creatures, or Mr. Jamieson saying “we’ve manipulated McGuire Lake for years, I don’t see anything wrong with one more time.”

In the next election of city council, please vote for people that love and respect nature not ones that endorse the killing of them and worse, that they use your money to do it!  Please call and let council know you don’t appreciate your money being spent  on putting unnecessary pressure on wildlife in the name of sport and profit in McGuire Lake.



Leanne McIvor