Weighing the pros and cons of candidates

It was rewarding to see so many on stage Nov. 6 along with a good turnout of citizens.

Just a final note to try and sort out the mixed bag of candidates. It was rewarding to see so many on stage Nov. 6 along with a good turnout of citizens. It’s true that the Bootsma administration can be given some credit for skateboard park, the 21st Street underpass and an attractive plaza on the Ross Street parking lot. However 30,000 motorcycles for five days was not the council’s greatest event.

Our thoughtless mayor couldn’t seem to remember that this small hamlet for arts and tourists is largely supported by an expanding college, and is a welcome haven for retiring seniors hoping for some relief from the big city. Reducing the amount of waste at the landfill was a necessary move but unfairly applied when charges for curbside service were forced on thinly populated areas like Gleneden. Well all those lucky farmers out where I live will pay a portion of the bill, whether they like it or not, and for a service they never really needed.

The gravest miscarriage of social justice was committed when, without a sign of remorse, they voted in favour of the application by SmartCentres to construct a large shopping mall on our irreplaceable wetlands. At best, both Jamieson and Idzan made some attempt to block the permit. Council had the power to deny this application. They could have found other suitable sites elsewhere.

I will close with some advice for the good people of Salmon Arm City. You will never find two finer men that surprisingly have run for council, and who carry no side businesses or political baggage. They are Warren Bell and Ted Bacigalupo. Vote them both into office and you can look forward to some of the best administration you have had in many years.

Dave Dyke