Wild Sky Sisters

Wild Sky Sisters: Sagittarius Season, where transformation meets exploration

Wild Sky Sisters is a joint venture between Angela Moffitt and Tamara McLellan

Cosmic Unconditional Love

Sagittarius season is from Nov 21st – Dec 21st.

We are moving from Yin energy – Scorpio – Fixed Water to Yang energy – Sagittarius – Mutable Fire.

Sacred transformation makes way for sacred adventure. Sagittarius energy needs to explore and expand the horizons of the mind and the world.

The wise wayshower. The Guru. We all have that friend with infinite amounts of wisdom. The centaur points its arrow at the truth. Half man and half animal there is a natural law and justice to be discovered. Sag energy is inspirational, optimistic and adventurous. The energy of Sagittarius is that of seeking truth and following your intuition. The inner guru is found in the sign of Sagittarius, one who wants to seek and find the truth. Often coined the philosopher of the chart, strong Sagittarius energy has strong morals and unwavering beliefs.

Sagittarius season through the elements is mutable fire. A star burning brightly in a far off galaxy. Ruled by Jupiter the energy is expansive with room for joy and optimism.

Fire signs are all about self. Action. Expression.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Explore if you dare and bring into action your beliefs and truth.

Consider your last adventure. What did you learn? What did you see? How did it change you? Where can you invite adventure in on a daily basis?

Sending you Wild Sky LOVE as the light continues to become less and less. We go into the dark to find the light. Let the redemption of the season wash over all of us.

It is time for surrender and faith.

Ang + Tamara

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