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VIDEO: The Dark Horse awards in Revelstoke

The winners of the Dark Horse award and more

The results of the Dark Horse Invitational, which wrapped up its final event at Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) on Saturday (Aug. 26), are in awarding five athletes with special honours, including the titular ‘Dark Horse’.

The Dark Horse wrapped up on Saturday with the big air session to finish off several days of events. After the session, riders headed down to the Rockford Plaza to find out the winners of this year’s awards. As the event prioritizes progression over any formal win, each award comes with an accompanying criterion.

(Revelstoke Mountain Resort)
(Revelstoke Mountain Resort)

Natasha Bradley took home the ‘True Blue’ award for keeping high spirits throughout the week at the events.

The ‘Let Er’ Buck’ award went to Mia Moore for her willingness to go big, no matter the slam.

The ‘Wild Jane’ award recognizes the rider with the best whip, which Vinny Armstrong took home.

The ‘Stay Gold’ award is reserved for the rider who shows strong mentorship throughout the week of events to their fellow riders, which Georgia Astle claimed this year.

Finally, the recipient of the ‘Dark Horse’ award was Morgan Antone.

Morgan Antone awarded 2023’s Dark Horse award by Casey Brown. (Revelstoke Mountain Resort)
Morgan Antone awarded 2023’s Dark Horse award by Casey Brown. (Revelstoke Mountain Resort)

The Dark Horse is expected to return next year, encouraging riders to go even bigger, continuing the progression of the past three years.

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