Winning bridge scores in Salmon Arm

The following is a list of the latest high scores in Bridge in our area.

Feb. 11: 1) Bruce Motherwell, 2) Georgina Marshall, 3) Lavelle Vander Hook.

Feb. 12: 1) Nancy Blackburn and Jim McLean, 2) Tom McNie and Graham Todd, 3) Ona Bouchard and Peggy Fetterly. SA Duplicate bridge club meets Tuesday evening. Call 250-832-7454 or 250-832-7323 for info.

Feb. 18: North/South – 1) Vicki Coe and Doug Sinclair, 2) Steve Raffel and Michael Clayton, 3) tie: Barb Grier and Doug Stewart, Ella Hoskins and Peter Budda, Doreen and Dennis Roberts. East/West – 1) Carol Jeffery and Ona Bouchard, 2) Peggy Fetterly and Carol McGregor, 3) Terry Jobe and Linda Rivard.