Column: Developing the bonds that last a lifetime

Column: Developing the bonds that last a lifetime

Shuswap Outdoors by Hank Shelley

With the festive season still upon us, and heading into a new year, I suppose we are a very fortunate population here in the Shuswap.

Hopefully most households had family and or friends over at home. After all, home is were the heart is. Unfortunately, there were those folks who couldn’t be home or there were many other issues pertaining to families across the land. But being in contact with family, or just a friend, means so much to each of us.

Life doesn’t need to be boring with so many organizations and support groups to help individuals along life’s path.

For me, this includes the military and law enforcement. I remember years ago with the Princess Patricia’s 2nd Battalion in Edmonton, where we were bonded while going from individuals to a trim fighting force depending on each other, in the process developing many lasting friendships. Police, conservation and fishery officers, while working together, get to know each other’s likes and dislikes and experience a bonding effect that can last through the years. In each group there are those who must tolerate one another; however, working together, despite any differences, gets the job done.

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Over the years I, like so many other outdoorsy folks, have found fishing and hunting to be kindling for some true friendships between individuals or as a group. The Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club is just that – dedicated group working to conserve wildlife.

Last of all, a true friendship is not selected in all this but nurtured and cultured with someone you really enjoy being with. Sharing experiences with a good belly laugh now and then. Laughter gets us all going!

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