Brewery salutes sockeye with new beer

October is the month to celebrate salmon in the Shuswap.

October is the month to celebrate salmon in the Shuswap.

As the Adams River run completes the series of sockeye spawning runs around the lake, the Shuswap’s own brewery celebrates the salmon with the release of a special beer on Saturday, Oct. 4.

“Named ‘Sockeye’ after our own indigenous hops variety, this beer does much more than just taste great,” says Rebecca Kneen, farmer and owner of Crannóg Ales and Left Fields.

“Crannóg Ales is using sales of this beer and T-shirts to benefit the Adams River Salmon Society, the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the Secwepemc groups who are defending local watersheds and salmon habitat.”

On Oct. 4, from 2 to 5 p.m., Crannóg Ales will be launching their Sockeye Ale with a party at the brewery.

Samples of the new beer will be served, along with music and presentations by those defending the salmon.

“I’m really happy to be able to feature our new hops variety in a way which also benefits the community,” says Brian MacIsaac, alesmith and owner of Crannóg Ales. “The Sockeye hops are wonderfully spicy and citrusy, and make this beer really something special.”

MacIsaac says the Sockeye hops are a variety that was found growing on the farm, and are unique to Left Fields.

“Left Fields has been salmon-safe certified for several years, as well as being certified organic,” says Kneen.

“We protect the groundwater, keeping it clean and safe for fish. It’s a natural part of our overall commitment to environmental and economic sustainability.”

The Adams River salmon run is the largest sockeye spawn in North America, and 2014 is a peak year for returning salmon.

All over the Pacific Northwest, salmon are a vital part of ecosystems and First Nations food supply, as well as feeding bear and eagles and creating nutrients for trees along the riverbanks.

Spawning Sockeye Ale will debut during the “Salute to the Salmon” on Oct. 4 at the brewery.

T-shirts designed by MacIsaac in his signature Celtic style will also be available.