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Getting a lift from a new lid

Shannon Thernes shed a lot of tears on Monday – tears of joy.
Tip-top company: Jason Penner and Josh Bickle of Integrity Roofing

Shannon Thernes shed a lot of tears on Monday – tears of joy.

Emerging from the “black hole” of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the paramedic and single mom to Heather, 15, and Madison,13, got a new roof, courtesy of Integrity Roofing owner Josh Bickle.

“The last couple of years I have been off with PTSD and struggling to get back to work,” she says, noting a significant incident left her badly shaken and unable to leave her home for many months. “So the roof was a big, nagging thing.”

Strong again and back at work, Thernes says she has shed a lot of tears since learning she was the recipient of Integrity Roofing’s annual free roof donation in partnership with Salmon Arm Home Building.

“All I could do was try not to cry; it was such a huge boost to my mental health,” she says. “I wanted to say, you saved the life of a paramedic.”

Overwhelmed by the kindness, Thernes says everything had seemed so daunting.

“I couldn’t have been down any further and they lifted the burden off,” she says. “I will be reminded of that every time I turn into the driveway.”

Heather showed the family’s appreciation by baking a cake and cookies for the equally appreciative roofers.

“Shannon’s out there helping every day, so it was time for us to help her,” says Bickle.

Thernes won out over 31 nominations, many unfortunately who seemed to simply want a free roof.

“They missed the community involvement part, that we’re looking for people who give back.”