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Kindergarteners spread the love for Pink Shirt Day in Lake Country

The young students sported pink shirts that read ‘Kindness is a Superpower’

It is Pink Shirt Day in Canada.

In Lake Country, students from Peter Greer Elementary spread kindness in the form of pink t-shirt cutouts.

The school’s vice-principal Russ Bischoff says 75 kindergarteners wandered the halls of George Elliot Secondary to hand out the crafts with messages of love and happiness.

“Most of them don’t know what bullying is. It’s an amazing thing. Wouldn’t it be cool if it stayed that way?”

After giving a cutout to each student and staff member at the high school, the kindergarteners held a little impromptu dance party to lift people’s spirits.

The youngsters then sang songs of joy for the high schoolers to close the morning.

Pink Shirt Day aims to build self-esteem and end bullying in Canada and across the world.

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