Robyn and Ed Jespersen were recognized as two of the Shuswap’s outstanding community leaders in the 2021 Salmon Arm Top 20 Under 40 program. (Contributed)

Robyn and Ed Jespersen were recognized as two of the Shuswap’s outstanding community leaders in the 2021 Salmon Arm Top 20 Under 40 program. (Contributed)

Salmon Arm’s Top 20 Under 40: Robyn and Ed Jespersen

Program recognizes young community leaders in the Shuswap

The Salmon Arm Observer presents Robyn and Ed Jespersen, two of 20 young community leaders recognized in Salmon Arm’s inaugural Top 20 Under 40 program.


Robyn Jespersen

If you know Robyn, you know she is a woman who wears many hats. It should come as no surprise that she was nominated, and subsequently selected as a winner in Salmon Arm’s Top 20 under 40.

She is a wife and mom to four amazing boys, a volunteer director with the Shuswap Children’s Association and a business owner and professional in her field. Her life is busy and happy, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

For nearly 20 years, Robyn has called Salmon Arm home. For her, it has been the perfect place to build a life and a family and continue to pursue her professional goals.

In her professional role, Robyn is a human resources consultant with her company MOXY HR and the founder of a workforce development project called the Work-Hub, a workforce initiative that helps connect the local workforce with employers and work-related resources. It’s also a recruitment hub offering tiered recruitment services to employers.

Her two businesses require a massive amount of time and dedication. Still, Robyn makes sure that doesn’t come at a cost to her family. To meet all the needs of being a professional and a parent, Robyn has become a master of prioritizing and reprioritizing.

By separating her business hours from her family life, she can be dedicated to each when she needs to be. Essentially, she can choose the hat she needs to wear when she needs to wear it.

The balance she maintains is also due to the teams she has supporting her. Her family, husband and business associates all form a network of support.

And when it comes time to recharging, Robyn finds calm by spending time in the outdoors with her ducks or simply enjoying time in nature with her joyful and fun-loving children. For more information about the Work Hub, visit:

Ed Jespersen

Ed is an entrepreneur, a husband, father, firefighter and, most recently, joint winner of this week’s Top 20 Under 40 award. He was born and raised in Salmon Arm and, unlike some, he has never had the desire to leave our small town for the big city.

With instant access to the lake and mountains, the small-town community feel and close proximity to larger centres, the area has provided everything Ed wanted to build a rewarding and fun-filled life.

Don’t let the permanent grin on his face or his joyful, laughing demeanour fool you, though; Ed has sharp business acumen. As the co-owner of three separate businesses, he is an entrepreneur worth watching.

Nothing can hold him back when he is passionate about a business, whether it be tree farming, drywall or his newest venture, Shuswap Spray Coatings and Waterproofing.

Ed found a partner, and just like that, another business was soon born.

For the past 18 years, Ed has also been an active member of the Salmon Arm Fire Department, the past 15 years acting as a training officer.

Although giving back to his community is Ed’s primary motivation, the skills and friendships that come along with the role are invaluable.

Ed maintains a work-life balance by putting family first. He puts in long work hours from time to time, but not every day or every weekend. The entrepreneur’s life allows him to make sure there is space for family, friends, sports and self-care.

When Ed needs time to recharge, he will often hit the mountains. An avid hunter, he enjoys the peace and solitude of nature and is happy to spend time exploring the hills.

This fall was of particular note as his son harvested his first deer, marking a very proud moment for Dad!

Ed attributes his success to the people who have continued to support him over the years. His family have been life-long mentors, his wife cheers him on through all his wild ideas, and the community supports his ventures.

The big question is, what will Ed do next?


Salmon Arm’s Top 20 Under 40 program was launched this year by Dustin Serviss, of Serviss Wealth Management, in partnership with the Salmon Arm Economic Development Society and the Salmon Arm Chamber of Commerce, to acknowledge outstanding individuals, role models, mentors and community builders over the age of 18 and under 40.

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