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Students produce a rollicking ride

Big Rock at Candy’s Mountain runs at May 2-5 at Sullivan.
Liam Affleck, playing Zippity Dewdar, speaks to Jack Scheck, as Adam Garrison, during a rehearsal for Hard Rock at Candy’s Mountain on Friday, April 7. -Image credit: Jim Elliot/Salmon Arm Observer

Take a trip to the Big Rock at Candy’s Mountain with Salmon Arm Secondary’s Grade 11-12 acting students.

Two businessmen encounter several snags as they try to put together a huge music festival at Candy’s Mountain.

“They run into every obstacle imaginable,” says teacher Danielle Berger.

“The bridge into the city washes out, they run out of food and medical supplies, a baby is born and some of the high-strung musicians don’t want to show up.”

And, for the heart strings, a romance grows between Candy and businessman Adam Garrison.

“Candy has two ridiculous, hilarious aunts who will keep the audience in stitches,” laughs Berger, of what she calls a fun, lighthearted production that is appropriate for all ages.

“As always, that’s for me as well,” says Berger, who teaches a musical theatre and acting class. “This group is particularly hardworking, kind and really fun. They’re pretty great and they make my job very easy to enjoy.”

Berger says she has been proud and pleased that the students are always willing to put in more than acting, willing to help with stage, props and costumes.

“I have students coming in after school and on weekends,” she says. “There are so many aspects to putting a production together and I appreciate all the extra work so many of them are putting in.”

Berger says some of the students were memorizing their lines over spring break.

“That’s what they’re telling me anyway,” she laughs, pointing out how it is important to have large audiences for the school productions. “They work so hard and they feed off the crowd’s energy. The more people, the better the energy and the better they perform.”

Big Rock at Candy’s Mountain runs at 6:30 p.m. May 2 through 5 at the Sullivan Theatre.

Everyone is welcome to attend and tickets at $8 are available at the Sullivan campus office or at the door.