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Trip leads to album debut concert

Megan Abel wrote songs about her adventures along the way
Megan Abel will headline a special CD release concert on Saturday, April 29 at The Handmade Shoppe. -Image credit: Photo contributed

Music has been a huge part of Megan Abel’s life since she was 14 years old and her father taught her how to play the guitar.

Playing the guitar always felt natural to Abel even when her fingertips were aching following hours of practice. It was something she truly felt, enjoyed, and was passionate about even at a young age.

Music began shaping who she was from the day she began writing her own songs, drawing inspiration and early influences from Alanis Morissette and Stevie Nicks as her acoustic folk style was emerging.

Following a year-long backpacking adventure in Southeast Asia, Abel realized that throughout the trip it was music that proved to be her anchor.

She travelled with a guitar and thought it would be a good way to enjoy time on the beach. It wound up shaping her entire journey and was a turning point in her musical career.

Abel wrote songs about adventures along the way and joined in with musical jam sessions on more than one beach. The most memorable part of the trip was connecting with other world travellers and the unforgettable friendships that were made.

Abel says she loves having a positive impact on other people’s lives and songwriting and sharing her music provides that opportunity.

Her debut album entitled Roam was recorded locally at Misty Mountain Sound and will be celebrated with a special CD release concert on Saturday, April 29 at The Handmade Shoppe, located in the former Canadian Tire store.

Joining Megan for this concert is her friend Jesse Mast, a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist signed by Cache Entertainment/Sony Music Canada. Both of these artists were performers on various nights during the early years of their careers at the Salmon Arm coffee house scene and it will be a treat to catch them both live, up close and personal in this concert setting.

The music starts at 7:30 p.m. and the bistro is open at 6 for food and drink.

Tickets for this concert are expected to sell out and are available on line at: or in person at Acorn Music or by reservation at The Handmade Shoppe.