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Letter: Prove safety of wireless 5G network, expand fiber optic use

Writer supports appeal to federal government to suspend 5G rollout, allow time for study

Everyone wants faster access to the internet, and recent events have shown us how important dependable, high-speed internet is. Yet many parts of B.C. do not have it.

The telecoms are promising a brand new, untested wireless technology, 5G, and are laying the groundwork for the grid in the larger centres. As scientists and experts from around the world warn about associated risks to both health and privacy, people are becoming concerned, and rightly so.

Better options to another wireless network are available. One is a fiber-optic cable network that goes into the home and connects via cable to provide internet access. Fiber-optic cable provides far faster service (up to 20 times faster), can handle more data, does not emit radiation and is far more protective of personal information. In addition, wired internet uses far less energy than does wireless. Some communities in B.C. like Denman, Hornby and Salt Spring islands, and the Slocan Valley already are exploring how to create such a fiber network.

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Meanwhile, concerns raised by individuals are going unheard by industry and the government agencies responsible for protecting us, and 5G continues being rolled out. The health and security of our families and theirs are being put at risk.

Consequently, on May 14, 24 organizations from across Canada launched a unified urgent appeal to the federal government to suspend the 5G rollout until it is proven to be safe and to invest in fiber optics. The appeal can be read at Individuals are invited to ensure their concerns are heard by signing the appeal at

Mike Testart

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