Salmon Arm's Cemetery trails. (File photo)

Letter: Salmon Arm dog owner ‘sickened by lack of consideration’ of other dog owners on city trails

I have a miniature schnauzer. She is 18 months old.

Being very inquisitive, she just loves going for walks and especially walking on trails so she can sniff every tree, bush and blade of grass. She is NEVER off leash, not even in our own yard.

Also, I make sure to carry poop bags at all times to pick up her waste.

We’ve been on the local trails four times, once on Little Mountain and three times on the Cemetery trails.

The one time we went to Little Mountain, I was first appalled at the amount of dog poop left everywhere but mostly shocked at the number of dogs running loose with no supervision whatsoever.

I had to pick up my dog when a large dog ran up to her and she panicked.

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This past week, I took her on the Cemetery trails. It was quite early in the morning and mine was the only vehicle in the parking area. She was having a ball although I had to watch to keep her from sniffing dog feces. She was concentrating on a bush when two big dogs ran up behind us.

I was startled, but my little dog was terrified so badly she began to scream. I have never heard anything like it. I lifted her up immediately and hugged her for protection. The owners of the dogs could see us clearly from across the pond and began calling their dogs back. One dog returned to us and the owners called again. I could hear them saying, “get him on the leash.” They took off running. Meanwhile, my dog was still screaming and shaking and I had to carry her back to the truck.

Not once did anyone call to ask if she was OK.

As we emerged from the trees to get into our vehicle, they drove off in a silver coloured car. I guess they didn’t want to take a chance they’d have to pay vet costs.

I’m just sickened by the lack of consideration shown by people. Not only for the fact that it seems to be just fine to let their dogs roam freely, but also for the unwillingness to clean up after their animals.

If you want to let your dogs go free, take them to the dog park. I can see the only place we can go walking is in town on the sidewalks. It seems the trails are reserved for those who wish to allow their dogs to run free.

Harry Ahola
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