Letters to the editor.

Letter: Tokyo Olympics provides valued distraction

Writer grateful for coverage of Canadian athletes

What great coverage the CBC provided us during the Tokyo Olympics. Almost makes me proud to have my tax dollars being spent on subsidizing the CBC.

Many of us are relegated to being in the house due to COVID-19 and the smoke in the air. The CBC gave us a good reason to sit at home and watch something of value on TV. The announcers did a great job, were very well versed and professional. Too much so sometimes – being non-biased isn’t always necessary and showing Canadian pride isn’t a bad thing.

Sadly, the game’s come to an end and life goes back to this non-normal situation going on these days. I’ll remember these games come tax time and realize some of my money is going to the CBC, easing my frustration in seeing so much wasted government spending in other areas.

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Bob White

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