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Book explores KISS theory

In her book QA:KISS (Quality Assurance: Keep It Simple Stupid), Salmon Arm author Lynda Lancaster (Hooper) shares 40 years of business experience with both candour and humour from a business analyst’s perspective. 

The KISS principle was originally coined by Lockheed Engineer Kelly Johnson. It used the word stupid in describing the elegant simplicity necessary for quality technology and process design. QA:KISS (Quality Assurance: Keep It Simple Stupid) reiterates this philosophy.

“The private sector has gone underground, with fewer jobs in sight, largely due to over-regulation. The public sector is out of touch with reality, preoccupied with the status quo and lacking insight to improving the state of a prolonged economic downturn,” states Lancaster.  “Technical advances have made our lives easier in many ways, and ironically more cumbersome in others. The world has become a much smaller place in the global market giving cultures everywhere the ability to communicate instantly.”

However, Lancaster remains optimistic about the adaptability of the human race to the world we live in.

“The quality of life and our businesses depend on how well we can work together in peaceful coexistence.”

Lancaster believes the Internet is a fabulous communications tool across the globe. 

She believes that allowing freedom on the Internet, for which the U.S. military is largely responsible, will promote peace around the world. 

“As human beings we all want basically the same things, peaceful coexistence with the opportunity to pursue our passions. We can all live together well, as long as we respect the individual, tolerate and even celebrate our differences, while generously sharing what we have with others. No longer will propaganda dictate from one directive, when we know the truth from all stakeholders.”

Lancaster believes planet earth is our responsibility to maintain and that living close to nature can only allow bountiful resources to continue. 

“With self-actualized personal development in a positive direction, the combined effort will truly be great, each of us can lead the way from our own perspective.  The power of the potential combined effort will have an incredible effect on all mankind.”

QA:KISS (Quality Assurance: Keep It Simple Stupid) is articulate and fact-filled. Lancaster, herself, is strong in her beliefs and equally open and frank with her opinions. The combination makes for a an interesting and insightful read.   

Lancaster will be at Bookingham Palace Bookstore in the Mall at Piccadilly to sign copies of her book from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday,  Feb. 26.