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Canadian roots featured

Three new additions to Roots and Blues Festival slate

Three Canadian performers will bring their unique sounds to this year’s Roots and Blues Festival, which plays out over the weekend of Aug. 19 to 21.

Cris Derksen is a Canadian cellist whose captivating melodies and steadfast bass lines have captured the attention of local and international audiences. She is a diverse musician, easily melding  hip-hop, rock, folk, country, or whatever type of music to bring an intense ball of musical passion to her work. Using a loop station and effect pedals, she is able to create an inspiring multi-dimensional auditory experience that is uncharted for most classical players. Using sounds from her inherited past Derksen mixes the traditional with the contemporary over and over again in both the cultural world, as well as the music sphere. 

Growing up in the north end of Winnipeg, acoustic musician Don Amero has definitely faced his share of adversity. 

With poverty, gangs, drugs and violence as daily reminders of the harshness of the world, Amero’s life was nevertheless tempered by love, support and the knowledge that a greater power was intimately involved in his life. Shaped and moulded by his coming of age, his music now carries both the depth of experiencing hardship and the luminosity of experiencing hope. 

All who have the pleasure of listening to his music will no doubt leave with his encouraging message  lifting their spirits.

Guerrista has been together for close to two years and have been working hard to establish themselves in the local music scene. The Vancouver-based band consists of five members from all over Canada: Lyndsay Johnston, Taylor Jeffels, Pat Thom, Matt Danyliuk, and Chris Henderson. Guerrista has developed a progressive rock/blues sound with a retro feel that has caught the attention of music lovers of many different genres.The 19th annual Roots and Blues Festival will take place Aug. 19 to 21 at the Salmon Arm Fall Fairgrounds. Limited earlybird tickets are on sale for $99 only until Feb. 25. Get  them online, at 250-833-4096 or at 490 Fifth Ave SW.


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