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Film feature: Young teen captures family life on film.

  • Dec. 13, 2011 7:00 p.m.
Hitting new heights: Members of the Broyden family of Armstrong all appear in a Christian film

Hitting new heights: Members of the Broyden family of Armstrong all appear in a Christian film

A young man with a lot of faith will share his beliefs in a feature-length film at the Salmar Classic Theatre tomorrow evening.

Isaac Broyden is the writer, director, editor and producer of The Adventures Of Jake’s Farm.

At 13, Isaac Broyden already has 70 projects under his belt, including weddings, shorts and promotional videos.

The Adventures of Jake’s Farm is a compilation of three of Isaac’s short films.

“My dad pitched the idea of putting three shorts into one,” says Isaac on a website promoting the film.

“It tells the story of a nine-year-old boy learning biblical principles from his dad and applying them to everyday life, and now he is taking the biblical lessons and teaching them to his younger siblings who want to know.”

Isaac began working on his film in 2010 and has been putting the finishing touches to a soon-to-be-released DVD.

“This movie is special. Sure it is from a 13 year old kid, but Isaac has been trusting the Lord for wisdom and praying. His heart is to please His God,” says dad Jimmy. “You see throughout the movie glimpses of high-calibre camera angles, edits, sound etc, that remind you of well-known, seasoned directors.”

Broyden says his son Isaac has a gift which he and his family thank the Lord for and for which Isaac praises the Lord for every day.

“His and our goal with these skills is to win souls and encourage God’s people to follow their God closer and to trust Him more,” says Broyden.

“Isaac senses the Lord wants him to make films for the rest of his life. Time will tell.”

Broyden, a film stuntman for 21 years, his wife, Sandi, and seven children live in Armstrong.

Isaac and his little brother Jesse, age nine, are Broyden Bros. Pictures.

Jesse is the lead actor in Jake’s Farm, but the whole family appear in the film.

“It has been a family effort,” Broyden says.

“Isaac has been a filmmaker since he was nine years old and Jesse has been a stuntman and actor since he was five.”

Over 90 minutes in length, The Adventures of Jake’s Farm plays at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec.15 at The Salmar Classic Theatre.

The film runs tomorrow Thursday, Dec. 15 at the Salmar Classic. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. The evening will conclude no later than 10.

Admission is free, but people are asked to RSVP at  or call 250-546-9193.

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