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No more ‘Point’ as Shuswap resort closes

Recent fire at The Point on Adams Lake was the ‘last straw’
A month after a Feb. 21 fire destroyed his home at The Point on Adams Lake, owner Rick Wesolowski announced it’s permanent closure. (The Point on Adams Lake-Facebook)

As of March 21, there is no Point.

In the wake of the Feb. 21 fire, that destroyed his home at The Point on Adams Lake Cabins and Marina, resort owner Rick Wesolowski announced the site’s permanent closure on the website.

“The house/office fire became the ‘last straw’ in five totally disastrous years of operations,” he stated there. “And the wind is entirely taken out of my sales.”

In regards to reimbursements of deposits already placed for the upcoming season, Wesolowski asked that people remain patient as “any refunds are literally months away.”

He apologized to clients for the delay in posting the message but explained that it has taken weeks to navigate through this most recent disaster before arriving at this conclusion.

“There is no physical way for me to open the resort for this summer’s intended guest compliment,” he said, adding his thanks to everyone for the past four seasons.

Wesolowski could not be reached for comment prior to publication regarding his future or the resorts.

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