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Discovering a hot tub oasis

Canadian Tire creates backyard retreats
Regardless of the temperature outside, it’s always the right season for a hot tub, suggests Tammy Hysert, manager of the Canadian Tire in Salmon Arm, where you’ll find a range of online and in-store hot tub products to meet the growing popularity of home spas.

Snow is gently falling; there’s a nip in the air; you slide into the bubbling warm water and watch the stars appear across the night sky. You feel like you are staying at an expensive Nordic retreat instead of relaxing in your backyard.

Hot tubs are not just for warmer months. In fact, they are meant for year-round enjoyment.

“Our hot tub products are popular in the cooler months,” says Tammy Hysert, Manager with Canadian Tire at The Mall at Picadilly.

Relaxation is not the only benefit of soaking in a hot tub. There are many health advantages as well. The potential benefits are endless: stress relief, improved sleep, pain relief, cardiovascular health, improved insulin sensitivity, or even calorie burn, to mention just a few.

Canadian Tire offers a range of online and in-store hot tub products to meet the growing popularity of home spas. Speak with a sales associate if you are unsure where to start.

“Be sure to buy a test kit or starter kit with your hot tub,” says Hysert. “Consider water care systems that will require little effort to keep the water fresh, clean and at the appropriate ph-levels.”

In addition to the inflatable hot tub, Canadian Tire offers all the necessary care products such as chemicals, filters, test kits, and accessories such as covers, spa fragrances, and lights.

“We also offer the necessary ingredients for saltwater hot tubs,” she adds.

There are ladders and steps, hot tub gazebos, and all the necessary ingredients to create an outdoor oasis. The past couple of years has shown an increase in home renovations as more people stay home due to the pandemic.

“Home is where the heart is,” says Hysert. “Creating a backyard retreat is gaining popularity.”

According to Statista, nearly half of Canadian homeowners spent up to $10,000 on home renovations last year, with a quarter spending up to $25,000. And the most popular area to renovate? You guessed it – outdoor space.

“While your muscles are relaxing, the stress of the day shedding from your shoulders, the sounds of nature enveloping your senses, we can have you plunging into an affordable, spa-like atmosphere in your backyard,” says Hysert.