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Is your vehicle roadtrip worthy? Help your car keep its cool this summer!

Salmon Arm team shares how regular A/C servicing helps you stay safe on the road
Service Manager Allan Koehl and his team will get your vehicles’ AC ready for summer.

The hot summer months are just around the corner, and your vehicle’s air conditioning system will soon be under serious strain.

Many of us know what it’s like to jump into a sweltering hot car and crank up the A/C to get some relief, only to find yourself being hit by more hot air. Driving your car in the summer heat with an air conditioner that doesn’t blow cold, is no fun!

The solution? Give your system a summer check-up before the hot weather hits!

“Most people think that an A/C system contains water, but it doesn’t, it contains an inert gas,” explains Allan Koehl, Service Manager at Canadian Tire Salmon Arm. “The misconception is that when your system is not working it’s because it has evaporated, but it can’t – it’s an enclosed system.”

Whether you drive a new ride or vintage vehicle, keeping up with regular preventative maintenance is key to your vehicle staying in good shape – and that includes your air conditioning system.

“When your system is blowing warm, the first thing we do is check for leaks. nine times out of 10, it has a small or large leak, either in the hard lines or the compressor,” Koehl says.

Using up-to-date equipment, their expert, licensed technicians will perform testing to make sure your A/C system is functioning properly, then evacuate the gas and oil from the system, check for and repair any leaks, and recharge the system.

So rather than leaving your vehicle’s A/C system service it until it’s too late, take it to the experts at Canadian Tire Salmon Arm, and stay cool while you cruise this summer.

“You can trust our team of certified technicians to perform work that you can count on to be top-notch service,” says Koehl.

Find out more about Canadian Tire on Facebook and Instagram, call them at 250-832-9600, or book an auto service online for their location at 300, 1151 - 10th Avenue SW.