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New Year, New You? 3 questions to ask before shopping for fitness equipment

Find the equipment + advice to achieve your New Year’s fitness goals right here in Salmon Arm!
You’ll find everything you need to achieve your New Year’s fitness goals at Canadian Tire Salmon Arm.

It’s the start of another new year – time for those with a resolution to improve their wellness to start creating that perfect home gym to help reach their goals.

Selecting the right fitness equipment for those goals is important, along with the latest tech to help track your progress.

“We definitely have a lot more people coming in looking for exercise equipment right after New Year’s,” says Tammy Hysert, Manager at Canadian Tire Salmon Arm. “It’s when everybody is thinking about starting a commitment to getting in shape!”

What do you need to think about before you get started?

  1. What kind of equipment are you looking for? Are you interested in weight training? Cardio? Strengthening and stretching? All of the above? Your goals will help determine what kind of gear and equipment you may need, Hysert explains.

    “We have a huge selection of weightlifting and strength training equipment, which seems to be the most popular purchase,” says Hysert. “We sell a ton of weights in January – literally!”

  2. How much space do you have? For those interested in cardio equipment a wide variety of treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and other equipment is available, however, before purchasing these kinds of larger items consider the size of your space.

    “Make sure to measure your workout room first,” Hysert says. “If your space is really limited, there are many models of bikes and treadmills that fold so you can tuck them away when you’re not using them – out of sight but hopefully not out of mind.”

  3. Should you think ‘outside the box?’ While weights and larger cardio equipment often figure prominently this time of year, you have a variety of other options for achieving your goals, even if space is at a premium. How about boxing and MMA style workouts, for example, to help build cardio and tone muscle? Gear you’ll find in-store ranges from boxing gloves and wraps to headgear, heavy bags and speed bags.

    “The boxing equipment has always been a pretty big seller, but the MMA stuff seems to be getting a lot more popular in recent years,” Hysert says.

    If you’re looking to ease into your fitness regimen a little more gently, consider resistance bands, exercise balls, jump ropes or chin-up bars.

    “The stretch bands, steppers and mini trampolines are a safe, low-impact way to get started on your fitness routine,” Hysert says.

Once you’ve started on your journey to fitness, you’ll also need to think about nutrition and recovery, as well as how to track your progress. Massagers, foam rollers, supplements and even portable massage tables can help your body recover, Hysert says.

“The C4 Pre-Workout Powder is a popular item to help energize your workout, and there are all kinds of wearable fitness devices to help track your progress.”

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