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Virtual care for your furry friend made easy

New app makes non-urgent medical pet care convenient and stress-free
TELUS Health MyPet app helps avoid the stress of in-clinic visits.

With a shortage of veterinarians in BC and an increase in pet adoptions during the pandemic, many pet owners are finding it difficult to find a ‘family’ veterinarian.

TELUS Health is stepping in to fill the gap.

TELUS Health MyPet is a highly-accessible virtual veterinary service that will help pet owners in BC — including those living in remote areas and those who face challenges traveling to and from appointments — access high quality veterinary care where and when they need it.

App reduces many stresses related to in-person vet visits

TELUS Health MyPet is an easy-to-use app featuring a team of licensed veterinarians who provide pet owners with preventative care and treat non-urgent medical concerns. They can address issues including overall wellness, nutritional and weight management, allergies, parasite control, minor infections, mild stomach upset, chronic disease management and behavioural challenges.

According to a 2021 Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) survey of pet owners, approximately 75 percent of pet problems seen through virtual appointments can be treated solely through telemedicine without a clinic visit.

“A lot of learning came out of the pandemic,” says veterinarian Dr. Koharik Arman. “We began to do virtual consultations out of necessity, and it taught us a lot in the profession about what we can accomplish without a physical exam.”

Already a leader in providing virtual care in Canada, TELUS Health is well equipped to provide healthcare consultations to every member of your family, including your cat or dog.

Take a more active role in preventative health care for your pet by downloading the TELUS Health MyPet app
Take a more active role in preventative health care for your pet by downloading the TELUS Health MyPet app

Reducing non-urgent in-person trips to the vet

Developed with the support of veterinarians, TELUS Health MyPet aims to reduce the number of non-urgent visits to clinics, helping users avoid long wait times. Virtual care also eliminates trips to and from clinics with furry friends who may not travel well in vehicles. The app is free to download, and each consultation costs $95 (for a limited time, consultations are 20 per cent off or $76). If it’s determined at the start of a consultation that the issue can’t be addressed virtually and requires immediate in-person care, users will be refunded the full cost of their consultation.

“Even when owners are directed to seek hands-on care, many find it comforting to have confirmation from a veterinarian that their pet does indeed need to visit a clinic,” Dr. Arman says. “There is a lot of value for owners in knowing that they are not going to be stressing their pets needlessly.”

“My own cat is one of my feistiest patients, and needs to be medicated for in-clinic visits. It’s great to have an option that is so convenient and much less stressful!”

TELUS Health MyPet also offers an opportunity for pet owners to take advantage of quality lifetime pet insurance through Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs. They are offering waived enrolment fees and a full complement of insurance coverage to app subscribers.

Take a more active role in preventative health care for your pet and connect from the comfort and safety of your own home by downloading the app from your preferred app store or from