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Election 2022: Salmon Arm council candidates introduce themselves

Three candidates running for mayor, 11 for six seats on city council

As the Oct. 15 municipal election approaches, the Observer is giving City of Salmon Arm mayoral and council candidates an opportunity to share who they are and why they are running.


Mayoral candidates

Nancy Cooper

Salmon Arm is an amazing city, one that I have loved to call home these many years. It explains why I am so passionate about running for mayor – yes, again.

The Innovation Centre, the four-laning happening right now west of town, the Smart Centre and the communication agreement with the Secwépemc have all been a result of the passion I, along with council, have shared for making our community just a little bit more.

Because as a mother, grandmother, former business owner and college instructor, I know it matters.

I know that it matters that our infrastructure and services, like the ones our amazing hospital provides have to grow in step with our population. It matters that when business and industry want to locate to or expand here that the people who make the businesses successful have a place to live, a place that is not only beautiful, but attainable within their budget.

It’s important that we have an array of recreational activities available to all families – like mine. With 11 grandchildren to keep entertained, we sometimes need more than our fabulous lake. And I’ll continue to work to make sure that we do.

Because Salmon Arm is worth it.

Alan Harrison

I grew up on a hobby farm at the foot of Mt. Ida.

My dad was a milk tester. My mom worked for many years at Shuswap Daycare. After graduating from SAS, I attended Okanagan College, then went on to UBC to earn Bachelor and Master’s degrees.

My first teaching position was in Tumbler Ridge. While there I was elected to the first council for the municipality of Tumbler Ridge.

Debbie and I were fortunate to return to Salmon Arm with our new-born son Ryan, in 1988. Mark and David followed, both born at Shuswap Lake General Hospital.

I enjoyed being a school principal in the Shuswap for 28 years. What a great job, working with many amazing educators and outstanding families.

Working with eight different councils, I have 23 years of experience with local government. I’ve learned a lot, having worked with every portfolio.

It has been an honour to serve as your mayor for the past four years. I believe council has done a good job of dealing with challenging issues, while moving our city forward.

One of the most important jobs for a mayor is to lead through collaboration, to listen and, when necessary, to act with confidence and conviction. If elected, I will continue to do so.

Luke Norrie

My name is Luke Norrie and I am a father of three wonderful kids and married to a beautiful soul who is a teacher.

I believe in a strong and healthy family structure, supported by a community and a school system that work together to serve and protect these families.

Throughout my life, I have developed the essential skills and patience to be the effective leader Salmon Arm needs.

My work and life experience is vast and encompasses cleaning toilets to building houses to equipment operating to website development.

I’ve been a chamber of commerce director and was a 2010 Olympics volunteer.

My most successful venture was a 250-seat restaurant started from an empty building which did over $2 million in sales annually.

I managed 40+ staff and worked beside my employees in every aspect of the business.

I have always managed to build a strong rapport based on mutual respect and teamwork.

If elected mayor, I will create an atmosphere in council that is open to all voices, based on honesty, transparency and integrity.

Lastly, I will bring fresh energy to this role that will help empower the citizens and groups to do their best work.


Council candidates

Daniel Bardy

I was born in Czechoslovakia. After forestry college, I worked mostly in forestry and environmental services. Later, I decided to follow my dream and immigrate to Canada. In 2015 I landed with my family in Calgary when I joined a successful tree company and became a certified arborist.

In 2017 we relocated to the Shuswap. We fell in love with the lake, farmland and this small town, all surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests. We discovered not only natural beauty but also great people create this wonderful environment.

Why councillor? I have always been passionate about history, public affairs and politics. Life in two different regimes gave me the opportunity to compare and be critical, and encouraged me to do a lot of studying and research. I believe, from how I serve the community in the tree service industry, that I can be even more useful as a councillor with the City of Salmon Arm , drawing upon my life experience, general knowledge, honesty and enthusiasm to better living conditions for us all.

As a councillor, I will focus on transparency, open dialogue, fair play, cooperation, honesty, integrity, common sense and strong community.

Debbie Cannon

Debbie Cannon was raised in Salmon Arm and graduated from Salmon Arm Senior Secondary. Together with her husband Bruce, she raised three daughters in the community. She is now a proud grandma to five grandchildren — all of whom reside in Salmon Arm.

Debbie ran a floral business for over a decade, was the floral manager at Safeway and worked for her husband’s hoof trimming business. She has been involved with numerous community organizations and committees including Shuswap Rec Society, Roots and Blues, Shuswap Tourism, the Shuswap Trail Alliance, the Olympic Torch Committee, the Shuswap Watershed Council and Rogers Hometown Hockey.

Debbie served on city council from 2005 to 2014 and was re-elected in 2018. She also served as a municipal director for the Columbia Shuswap Regional District and on the Interior Health board from 2015-2017.

In her spare time, Debbie enjoys beekeeping, pottery, boating, fishing and curling.

Brian Fletcher

He has a wife (Mila), three children (Makai, Viktor and Sloane), two dogs (Rocko and Phoenix) as well as a fish (Sub-Zero). He enjoys trail running, working out, golfing, biking and being outdoors in general.

Brian received a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Okanagan College Kelowna in 2011. His previous work experience includes the oilfield in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the funeral industry, and has been working for Valid Manufacturing for the past eight years in various capacities. He looks forward to providing a local conservative voice for the residents of Salmon Arm if elected to council.

Kevin Flynn

I am an incumbent asking for your support for a 6th term on city council.

I have enjoyed representing our citizens over the past 20 years. I feel my positive experience will be an asset on the next council. I moved to Salmon Arm in 1996 with my wife Cathy, and we raised our two boys here. Both boys have chosen to stay in our community and raise our grandchildren here.

I am an owner and president of Salmon Arm Financial Ltd., a local insurance brokerage specializing in employee benefit planning for businesses.

My significant council experience, combined with my business degree and background, and my work with employers and employees throughout the region, give me a unique and valuable perspective at the council table.

I am currently chair of the CSRD, have served on boards provincially (UBCM, MIA), regionally (SILGA, CSRD) and locally (Downtown SA, SA Economic Development, Shuswap Rec Society, SA Chamber, SA Golf Club.)

The past four years have been a challenge for us all. I am proud to have worked with Mayor Alan Harrison, loyal and diligent staff, and an amazing council team to move our city forward. I look forward to your support and to making a difference.

David Gonella

David Gonella has lived, worked and played in Salmon Arm since moving here to start a family in 2006. He was drawn here by the amazing community and beautiful scenery.

David quickly became involved in the fabric of Salmon Arm through his years of work at the ROOTSandBLUES Festival where he is currently the executive director.

David offers extensive experience working with all levels of government, resource management, HR and budget management. As a city council member, he will put these skills to work for the city he raises his family in and is so proud to call home.

Deb Haukedal

I am a mother, a grandmother and I have created a beautiful life full of family and friends in Salmon Arm.

People and community are extremely important to me. I want Salmon Arm to get back to basics where we take care of one another, are accountable to ourselves, and where we learn to give more grace to those who need it most. As a member of council, I will focus on creating a city our children and elders can thrive in. I also have a special place in my heart for those who are suffering with addiction and who require effective recovery.

Salmon Arm has been a pillar in this community, providing hope to families across this country, including my own. I want recovery to be accessible to anyone who wants it. Ultimately, I would like to preserve our personal rights and freedoms. The past few years have been painful to say the least. I strongly believe it is important to have the ability to say yes or no. We are all learning the importance of standing up for what we believe. I never expected to be in this position – I believe it presents an opportunity to find my voice.

I know many of you have also been suppressed. Talk to me, and we can be heard together.

Robert Johnson

I am father and a dentist, and I’ve lived in Salmon Arm since I graduated from dental school in 2009.

I love this community and we are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

I became disillusioned in dental school because it was impossible to learn anything there. That led to a whole series of events that lead to a never-ending search for a better way.

I now believe that almost everything we’ve been conditioned to believe is a lie.

Our institutions are irredeemably corrupt (or bogged down in bureaucracy) and we need to figure out a better way to organize society. COVID has highlighted many of the issues with centralized decision-making, especially in an environment of rampant corruption.

I’m running for council because I refuse to live in this ‘post-truth’ world the globalists are trying to force us into. I want Salmon Arm to be a model for the rest of the country of what is possible when a group of people with common sense and integrity take a stand and draw a line in the sand. I believe in us.

Tim Lavery

I moved with my wife Nancy Kolkind to Salmon Arm 28 years ago to raise a family and because of the incredible lifestyle Salmon Arm offers. It’s the best decision we’ve ever made! We have two wonderful young adult daughters and many close connections in our community.

As an educator, I understand that investing in learning and capacity-building paves the way for a better future – whether that be in education or ensuring a liveable, reliable, affordable and sustainable Salmon Arm.

I’ll continue to work hard through measured, thoughtful and progressive leadership to meet these goals.

I remain committed to listening closely to all ideas, building consensus of citizens and making the many consequential decisions needed for the future of Salmon Arm. That takes genuine collaboration, a healthy exchange of ideas and a majority of council to implement policies.

I am fully committed to having the best functioning local government possible.

That involves working with integrity, respect, accountability and collaboration.

That’s who I am and it’s what I do. My over-riding focus is on supporting a Salmon Arm that works well for its citizens.

See for my full re-election campaign platform and thanks for your support.

Sylvia Lindgren

Sylvia Lindgren grew up in mining towns across Canada and has lived in Salmon Arm since 1994 where she and her husband, Quinton, raised three kids and now enjoy camping, sailing, traveling and spending time with their three grandchildren.

Sylvia has been supporting people for 40 years and has worked in social services, seniors’ care, on ambulance and currently works in alternate education with School District 83.

She was first elected to council in 2018.

In her first term, Sylvia helped to introduce or support changes to reduce plastic waste, preserve our water supply, increase safety, reduce emissions by the city, increase the housing supply and improve transit and active transportation routes. If elected to a second term, Sylvia would like to continue to work on bylaw changes to preserve trees and reduce pesticide use, add to the electric fleet and increase food security, green spaces and routes for walking and cycling. The current staff/council are innovative, creative, respectful and are an effective team. Sylvia would be honoured to serve with them for another term and thanks you for your support.

Louise Wallace Richmond

I’m Louise Wallace Richmond. I’m a mom, business owner, instructor at the Okanagan College School of Business and community volunteer in Salmon Arm. I live in Canoe, am married to Dave Richmond and we have two boys.

I have a degree in Economics and a Masters in Publishing. I have 30 years of experience in management and communications.

I moved here in 1999. I was meant to stay for a year, but fell in love with this place and decided I would need to find a way to make it my home. Over the past 20 some years, I’ve managed to do that. And not a day goes by that I don’t consider myself lucky to live here.

In 2014 and 2018, you elected me to city council and I’m very grateful for the incredible experience it has been. With the 2022 election period now upon us, I commit to a reasonable, responsible and respectful campaign. There are many important projects and initiatives underway in this city and I hope to continue my work for the community we all share.

You can reach me at 250-833-5554, or visit my campaign website at for updates and information.

Kristine Wickner

I am a mother, public servant, and justice advocate that has been building, strengthening and serving the community of Salmon Arm for 10 years.

I’m a people lover and am the healthiest when I feel connected to others. I chose Salmon Arm for its small-town feel. My “BC” (before children) days were spent on the soccer pitch, volleyball court, golf courses and the many beaches and trails we are blessed with.

I have given back to the activities that bring me joy; serving on the women’s soccer board, volunteering at Roots and Blues, trail clean ups, and being active in Women Who Wine. I have a communications degree from UofC, a graduate certificate from RRU in Values-Based Leadership, a project management certificate from Okanagan College, and am finishing a Public Leadership Credential from Harvard Kennedy School focusing on policy design.

I strive to bring a message of love, hope, and optimism to any political endeavour I take on. We are living in challenging times with multiple overlapping crises knocking daily on our doors. We must face those challenges together with the truth, love, and courage that past and future generations deserve. I look forward to earning your vote.