Chase groups get taxpayers’ help

Chase council has helped ensure a local club remains in Chase by voting in favour of a grant in aid

Chase council has helped ensure a local club remains in Chase by voting in favour of a grant in aid.

The Chase Aikido Club wrote to council earlier this month seeking help with its facility rental.

The group is a non-profit club that caters to both children and adults.

Classes are offered every Monday night at the Chase Community Hall. The club pointed out that many who take the class are thankful they do not need to drive to Kamloops to take part.

A typical class for the group ranges between eight and 14 students.

The instructor lives in Lumby and makes the drive out to the village every week to teach a two-hour class.

The club notes that having a class such as this in Chase is a unique opportunity, and a great fit for an area that is going through some generation changes.

Council has granted half the hall rental to the group in the past. This year, however, the club requested that the village waive the entire cost of the hall rental.

Council members discussed the matter briefly at the Tuesday, Jan. 14 meeting and voted to grant the request, which amounts to $1,320.

The Aikido Club was not the only one looking for the help of council this week, as the Chase Excellence Program also stepped up.

The program requested $2,000 in grant-in-aid, an increase from the $1,000 requested in 2010 and $1,500 in 2011 and 2012.

A letter sent to council explained that the money would be used to help cover travel costs as they often need to visit other communities as the ambassadors of Chase, promoting the area and what it has to offer.

Over the years, expenses have increased, including gas, accommodations and meals.

The program requires that students travel with two chaperones to ensure the girls’ safety. It is because of the increased need that the program has asked for a higher amount this year.

Those involved in the Miss Chase Excellence Program  and the reigning royalty provide the Chase area with assistance in many ways throughout the year, council was told.

They help serve meals at Lions Club dinners, and are present for the Chase Country Christmas events, Terry Fox Run and Canada Day events, among many others.

The group also provided a break down of where the money is spent and noted the fundraising they do on their own as well.

Council ensured that the amount would fit within the budget, before voting to grant the group the full $2,000.

Council also voted to contribute $250 to the Chase D.A.R.E program to assist with the purchase of learning materials for the current school year.