Conservation officers think they got their bear

A bear believed to have been the one that chased three mountain bikers on the South Canoe Trail system was shot Thursday.

A bear matching the description of one that attacked three mountain bikers on the South Canoe Trails last week, was shot by a conservation officer Thursday.

Conservation officer Brent Smith says his office got a call from the  Haddow Road area reporting that a bear was attacking a domestic goat.

Smith says the bear matched the descriptions provided by the mountain bikers – scruffy, shedding, with dark legs and cinnamon coloured sides.

And his paws were a close match with the track left by the fearsome six kilometres away in the area of the Prudential Trail, where Roots and Blues Festival artistic director Hugo Rampen was chased last Saturday morning.

Smith described the bear as being medium-sized, about 220 pounds with a very thin hide poor hair quality.

“It points to the fact this is the likely candidate,” he says.

Smith spotted the bear who had been trying to sneak back into the goat pen and shot him because, unlike most black bears in the area, this one was showing aggressive traits.

“The goat is alive, but pretty beat up,” he said. “We’re gonna leave the trap for another 24 hours and pull it Friday if we don’t get anything.”

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