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CSRD narrows search for property

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District is looking for new digs.

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District is looking for new digs.

Two possible solutions to the need for space have been discarded and the board of directors will look at two more options this Friday.

The regional district had been part of a joint feasibility study with School District #83 looking at the development new CSRD office space on the former site of J.L. Jackson School.

“We had been looking at subdividing 0.9 of an acre from the larger parent parcel, but we’re no longer interested,” says CSRD chief administrative officer Charles Hamilton. “We undertook a joint feasibility study on potential to do some type of co-location option at that site as a means to achieve some cost savings, but in the end of the various preliminary options we looked at, this was the most expensive.”

Another proposal included redevelopment of the current site on Marine Park Drive, but it was rejected by the board as not being practical or cost-effective.

“We’re dealing with two parcels and two properties, but parking is a problem,” says Hamilton. “We’re maxed out now and as you increase available space, parking requirements go up. At no time could we have met the parking requirements.”

The board will look at two other confidential design-build proposals during the in-camera portion of this month’s regular board meeting.