Damage: Rob Hein

Damage: Rob Hein

Foothill Road repairs pegged at $300,000

Repairs to the section of Foothill Road damaged by a mud slide are expected to total $300,000.

Repairs to the section of Foothill Road damaged by a  mud slide are expected to total $300,000.

Rob Niewenhuizen, the city’s director of engineering and public works, explained to city council’s March 23 meeting that the sloughing of the side of the road was initially expected to cost $400,000 to fix. However, savings were realized by factors such as BC Hydro assisting with the relocation of a power pole at an estimated cost of $50,000.

The city is also expecting to receive about $5,000 from the Shuswap Emergency Program and its provincial equivalent towards a geotechnical assessment.

In the area that sloughed was a natural gas main serving about 60 residents as well as an eight-inch asbestos cement water main installed in 1973.

Geotechnical engineers recommended that the flows from the ditch be redirected by installing a new culvert to allow the affected area to dry out. The road was then reconstructed.

The cause of the sloughing, which occurred Feb. 17, was runoff that increased flows in the ditch on the south side of the road and then flowed under the road, causing the bank on the north side to collapse.

About 60 metres of road were affected, just west of Mount Ida Cemetery.

The road was reopened March 10, but with a gravel surface. It will be paved this spring.

Niewenhuizen said staff are recommending that the work be paid for by using funds from two other road-related reserves: $285,000 from the Fourth Street connector – 10th and Bayview SE – and $15,000 from the Shoemaker Hill/Auto Road extension fund.